About Us

We are a 501(c)(3) group and we are seeking donations for our WWII cadet pilot training museum. We are looking for a 2 place tail dragger project such as a Taylorcraft, Interstate, Piper, Aeronca, etc as well as many parts for aircraft and items used by pilots in training or flying for our museum. The museum is dedicated to WWII Pilot Training and Civilian Pilot Training. The donation would be tax deductible. Please contact Brooks Hurst at 816-244-6927 or Ryan Harms at 816-244-0747.

We are continuing work on the club hangar and the tower cab to be attached to hangar. The tower cab came from Offut AFB in Omaha, Nebraska and was moved to Tarkio 2 years ago. We plan to elevate the tower cab on the platform being built and use it as part of the museum the Wingnuts Flying Circus is working on. Please see the News page for more pictures.